External Movements are the journeys,
both physical and virtual, that we as a collective
are invited to undergo with others.
We see these external movements as occasions
to be together, to listen and learn, to disseminate our work,
and to contribute to the expanding field of art residency study.

Saari Well Assembly,
outside Turku, Finland
18–22 August, 2021

Invited by Irmeli Kokko and the Kone Foundation, we joined a cohort of scholars, writers and activists engaged in artist residency research and writing. The assembly was hosted at Saari Residence and was the first platform of its kind– to come together in study, to meet each other and share individual research projects as part of My Journey, Knowledge and Exchange.
Saari Well 2021

More info coming soon.

Res Artis Virtual Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
8–17 September, 2021

ARRC participated virtually in the annual Res Artis Virtual Conference centred in Bangkok, and titled, Defining the Next Decade: What is the Future of Arts Residencies in a post-Covid 19 World? We spoke together on our methodologies for working in a virtual/analog hybrid residency, as well as speculating on possible futures of residency in Late Pandemic, climate crisis times.

The conference was hosted by SAC Gallery, Bangkok and supported by ASEF culture360, KONNECT ASEAN, Goethe-Institut Thailand, Japan Foundation Bangkok and Casa Asia.  

Our talk can be found here.

More info coming soon.

CAP Summer Seminar, Schoppingen, Germany
Forthcoming: 11–18 July, 2022

As part of Curating for Advanced Practices (CAP), Towards perma-cultural institutions: Exercises in collective thinking, we will be holding a workshop for the cohort, entitled: 'What is magical is hidden too', an exploration of zone 00. This summer seminar is organized by Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen residency centre, NRW Kultur International, and Temporary Gallery and curated by Aneta Rostkowska, Nada Schroer and Julia Haarmann.

More info coming soon.

20 June, 2022